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Custom Editor Themes for Delphi

I've been asked multiple times what editor theme I'm using in Delphi dark mode during webinars and presentations, and I thought I would share the story behind.

The standard editor theme shipped with Delphi isn't taking into account if the display is dim or if you're using a tool like f.lux to adjust the red tint based on your time zone (It is a great, free tool which makes working in evenings and nights less painful for your eyes). This makes it harder to distinguish keywords and other values in the editor.

After enough frustration, I made my own editor theme using DITE which works a lot better (at least for me, I hope for you too).
Download the file below, extract the xml file and drop it into %ProgramFiles%\DITE\Themes
Restart DITE and you'll see the theme "GD-1337NiteDark" in the list.
For this theme I recommend the Souce Code Pro font at size 12, but you can of course configure to your own liking.

Click here to download the theme


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