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About this blog

Hi and welcome to a corner of the internet!

My name is Glenn Dufke, Embarcadero MVP, passionate Delphi developer & advocate and a consultant in my own business GlennKonnekt.
I spend a lot of time with software and electronics engineering and this blog is intended to share the knowledge and experience I've built over the years.
Interacting and learning from other developers around the globe is something I really enjoy, even though I'm introvert by nature.

I've always had a passion for writing software and understanding what makes a computer tick - all the way down to the individual components! 
This has lead me to a path to explore the unknown and push the boundaries even further with technology in general, programming languages, productivity tooling and the like.

In this blog, you'll mostly encounter Delphi Object Pascal related articles, my programming language and compiler research I'm conducting and the direct cognitive relation a good programming language design can have - both from a teaching and general purpose higher software quality.
Some claim a programming language doesn't matter - but it does.
- Spoiler: the Object Pascal programming language are one of the best designed currently on this planet. Niklaus Wirth is a genius.

I hope you will find some of the information here interesting.

You can find me on Twitter, Delphi Praxis forums or some of the bigger Delphi Developer groups on Facebook.
Occationally I'm out and about speaking at various CONs and online presentations.



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